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Summit Teams

New Cards, Characters and Ladder Tiles

summit teams

Summit: Teams is an expansion for the hit survival game Summit: The Board Game.Summit: Teams is successfully funded on Kickstarter and offers new cards, characters and a new playable tile type: Ladders. Ladders are square tiles that allow players to traverse terrain more quickly, and get out of difficult situations.

summit teams kickstarter

summit teams


Ladders, like Items, will be drafted at the beginning of the game and are carried by characters. Each Ladder has a weight of 1, which must be tracked on the character mat. There is no limit to the number of Ladders a character may carry, provided they can accommodate the weight.


Ladders are played following the placement rules of the triangular tiles. A character must be moving onto the Ladder for it to be placed and it must connect with a short edge of their tile.


Like triangular tiles, Ladders come in three different types: Neutral, Icy, and Thin Air – which have the same characteristics as the triangular tiles.
Unlike tiles, Ladders can be played on both open game board spaces and on top of triangular tiles, or a combination of these. Ladders cannot be played over other Ladders, or over Camp or Summit tiles.


Once played on the mountain, a Ladder cannot be picked up. (Only “dropped” Ladders can be picked up.) Ladders may be “dropped” on the mountain and marked with an Item Number Token, with the Ladder going in the matching Item number slot.


Characters move straight across Ladders, only counting trail points in the Ladder if they are present (Icy Ladders only). This movement is in a straight line, and characters cannot change direction while crossing a Ladder.


Learn more on the Summit: Teams Kickstarter Page.

Example of Ladder Use:


The Purple player has been blocked by an upside-down tile due to an event on the Red player’s turn.


Purple selects one of the Ladders they are carrying and puts it into play, then moves 2 trail points.


Purple’s weight will decrease by one, as they are no longer carrying that Ladder.


Red cannot place a Ladder over a Ladder, so they will have to go around.

summit teams kickstarter

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