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Sea Change

Pre-Order Open!

Due to the current worldwide situation we do not have an exact delivery date. However all pre-orders will be shipped before any retail orders.

All of the art files are complete and we are standing by to confirm order quantities with the manufacturer. Our estimated delivery window to customers is July-August 2020, provided there are no more major changes/closures. (This has been pushed back to Sept-Aug as the packaging has changed to better control the cards inside the box.)

**Inside Up Games reserves the right to refund any orders if shipping prices rise drastically**

Sea Change (Canada & USA)

As usual shipping is the killer, so save by ordering multiple copies!

(Includes tracked shipping!)

1 copy = ~$14USD / $20CAD

2 copies = ~$21USD / $30CAD

3 copies = ~$26USD / $36CAD

4 copies = ~$28USD / $40 CAD

Sea Change (Rest of the World)

As usual shipping is the killer, so save by ordering multiple copies!

(Includes shipping *without tracking – see below to add tracking.)

1 copy = ~$14USD / $20CAD

2 copies = ~$25USD / $35CAD

4 copies = ~$42USD / $59CAD

* Including tracking adds on average $14 USD to the price!!! That is the cost from the post office, not any mark up by us. If you would like tracking added to your order please contact us using the form below and this will be processed as an additional PayPal transaction.*

– Retailers –

Use the adjacent form to reach out and we can confirm pricing and quantities over email.

Thank you!


TO ADD TRACKING TO YOUR ORDER fill out this contact form, and copy and paste the words “I would like to add tracking to my shipment and I understand that comes at an additional cost.”

On top of getting a great game, you will be contributing to the clean up of our seas! 1% of the proceeds of each game sold will be donated directly to charities working to clean up our water!

We have also strived to remove as much plastic from the packaging and manufacturing of the game as possible!

Sea Change comes in a nice compact tuck box with streamlined rules (English and French) and will still accommodate 1 to 8 players!

Game Overview

The deck contains 80 Sea cards in five suits. The five suits are represented by different colours and icons. Each suit has one card of each value; a higher card beats a lower card of the same suit — high (15) to low (0).

  Depending on the number of players, a set number of cards from a set number of suits will be shuffled together. Players can decide in advance to play as teams, or each player for themselves. Each player will be dealt 10 cards to create their hand. In a clockwise manner, each player will contribute one card, chosen from their hand, to create a trick.

  In each trick, one suit will be stronger than others (trump). Any card in this trump suit beats all cards not in the trump suit. A Sea Change will change the trump suit in the middle of a trick when a player matches the value of the last card played

  Players attempt to win tricks containing cards with positive points, and avoid cards with negative points. *Important* During tricks, 0s are not worth any points. At the end of the round, check which suit is trump. The 0 from that suit, and only that suit, is now worth 5 points. All other 0s are not worth any points.

  The player with the highest score at the end of the round will earn 1 Victory Point (VP).  The game ends when one player has earned 3 VPs.

Additional Language Rules!

ENGLISH Rulebook

FRENCH Rulebook (Coming soon!)

Sea Change is a family-friendly re-theme of our popular game Gorus Maximus. Although Sea Change only includes English and French rules, you can use any of the translations below (of the Gorus Maximus rules) to get an idea on how to play. There have been no rule changes, simply changes to the art and the terminology.

GERMAN Rulebook

PORTUGUESE Rulebook (Old Version)

DUTCH Rulebook

SERBIAN Rulebook

KOREAN Rulebook