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7 Souls

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft

In 7 Souls you will become the otherworldly creatures from the world of HP Lovecraft. As insatiable ethereal beings you shall compete for world dominance. Fight over the control and sanity of your followers and manipulating them for your own gain. Call forth the powerful Dark Cardinal and the dangerous Corrupt Citizen, abuse the skills of the Cultist, Acolyte, and Recruiter to gather Souls, sacrifices, and Power. And utilizing the Prophet and Betrayer to Corrupt the interfering Investigators whose pathetic attempts at saving humanity have annoyed you for the last time. Act quickly to gather support, follow your Calling, earn a Blessing and claim your rightful place at the supreme sacrificial Altar. Just be sure you don’t lose your mind in 7 Souls!


In 7 Souls, 2-6 Players will compete to annihilate humanity and amass the most souls by game end.  Souls can be gained through character actions, corrupting investigators, controlling altars, fulfilling callings and earning blessings.


With the game board set to the appropriate player count, and supplies filled, you will select your Sign, take a Resolve deck and a Power.  Choose from 2 Callings, keeping one and discarding the other.  Players will then Simultaneously select the Cultists they would like to control and assign one to each of the three locations, which will be activated from left to right.


Players will then Flip the Characters over and lay them out in the order played, then they will be reordered in initiative order.  Starting with the Character with the highest initiative, each player will take their turn to activate: gaining resources, corrupting Investigators, or spreading fear.


If players attempt to control the same Character at the same location, they must test their dominance over that Characters Sanity and mental resolve, powering up if they wish.  The winner maintains Character control with the loser builds up their Resolve.


Once all locations have activated, an Investigator will attack.  The Icon on the top of the Investigator deck shows the location, and the Investigator shows their target.  Defend yourself from this attack, lest these Investigators pilfer your reserves. With enough Power you may claim a place at the Altar.


At the end of a round in which any location has two or more empty supplies the game ends.  Each player will add up Souls taken in-game with Investigators they’ve corrupted and add this to any Souls earned by an Altar, Calling, and/or Blessing.  The player with the most Souls is the ultimate Elder God and wins the game.

Learn more on the 7 Souls Kickstarter Page.


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