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City Builder: Ancient World

A tile-laying game for 1-4 players, which can be played competitively, cooperatively or solo.

 Players are magistrates sent to a newly conquered province to build cities and help spread Roman influence in the area. By employing clever planning, they must grow their cities to meet the demands of incoming settlers, as well as build imposing Monuments to please their emperor.

Sea Change

A trick-taking game for the whole family…and some friends!

It’s a family-friendly re-theme of our popular Gorus Maximus, with 1% of the proceeds going to ocean clean up!

The Quick and the Undead

Ride into the Weird West and earn, steal or shoot your way to victory.

Summit: Teams (En/Fr)

Summit: Teams (En/Fr)

The Teams expansion will allow players to enjoy Summit in either the competitive or Cooperative mode while working together with a teammate. Players will have to plan and work together to make sure their flag remains planted at the Summit, and at least one lives to tell the tale. With new player boards, cards, and square “climbing ladder” tiles, the Teams expansion is guaranteed to add more depth of strategy, player interaction and more stories you will never forget.
7 Souls (En/Fr)

7 Souls (En/Fr)

In 7 Souls, players will become the gods, vying for control over their supporters, from cultists and acolytes, to betrayers, prophets, and more. Controlling these weak human parasites in an effort to gather support, power and souls to feed their hunger and desire.

This beautifully creepy game for 1-6 players, taking only 30-40 minutes, will have players cheering and cursing as they compete with their sanity to outdo each other and corrupt the investigators!

Gorus Maximus (En/Fr/De)

Gorus Maximus (En/Fr/De)

Gorus Maximus is a bloody trick-taking game of gladiatorial combat in which the trump suit can change mid-trick! The game can be played “player vs. player” or in teams.

Dispatch your strongest gladiators and most ferocious beasts to earn crowd favour! Match the rank of the last gladiator played, and the trump suit changes immediately!

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