Game Design Submissions - Inside Up Games
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Boardgame Design Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting submissions for new game designs. Please note that due to time constraints and workload we cannot guarantee the time it will take to review your submission.



  1. We want all of our games to be fun (for the winners and losers).
  2. We like for our games to have high player interaction.
  3. We’re looking for tabletop games (not RPGs) with a strong theme.
  4. We like games with large player counts 1 or 2 to 5 or 6+.
  5. We’re looking for unique games with a “hook” that grabs our interest.
  6. We like games with a smooth flow. Complicated turns and lots of in-game maintenance doesn’t interest us.



Your game must be complete, play-tested and playable with a near final set of rules. We should be able to open your prototype box, read the rules and enjoy the game without you being in the room coaching us (so make sure you blind test your game!) We like clear graphic design and appreciate placeholder art, but do not require them to be “press ready.” (It is likely we will be making changes or tweaks to the game which could redo some/all of your art/design!).


If we like your design, we will follow up with you asking for either a prototype to be sent to us, or for us to sit down together at a convention. In rare cases for large or complex games with many components we might be satisfied with a pre-recorded video of the game being played.

Please fill out this form to


Stay Tuned

With another game design nearing completion, and more in the works, we look forward to growing and provided you with countless hours of fun, spending time with those that matter!