About Us - Inside Up Games
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Who We Are

Inside Up Games is a Canadian board game design and publication company with one simple goal, to create exciting and entertaining games, so you can have fun with your family and friends!
We began with the successful funding of Summit: The Board Game on Kickstarter in July 2016. After its completion and release in early 2017, it was followed up quickly with the release of Yeti, Summit’s first expansion. 2017 also saw the successful funding of our second game Vault Assault which was released at Essen Spiel at the end of October.
2018 saw our first print runs sell out, and a reorder of our entire catalogue, as well as the successful funding of our third Kickstarter project: Gorus Maximus.
2019 was our biggest year yet with 3 successful Kickstarters including: Teams (the second Summit expansion), 7 Souls (our first foray into the Lovecraftian universe), and The Quick and The Undead (our first game from outside designers).  With two more game designs nearing completion, and more in the works, we look forward to growing and providing you with countless hours of fun, spending 2020 with those that matter!

The Team

Our Story

Inside Up Games (IUG) was born out of love, and is fed hard work and determination every day. Although still a toddler, it’s reaching for the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to its gameroom’s ceiling.

Hot-wired into existence after Summit’s Kickstarter, IUG was created to manage and publish Conor McGoey’s game designs.

For years, family and friends had been telling Conor to use his love of tabletop games to create his own. Unfortunately the majority of Conor’s time was taken up running his first business, Outlast Frames, and any free time he had he selfishly played with his three awesome kids.

When a hidden traitor (internal blood leak) took him off the job site, he used the downtime to flush out Summit’s mechanics and began working on three other designs. Fortunately, after a good bit of progress, and getting sick of looking at Sharpie on a pizza box, he decided to reach out to a local artist & graphic designer.

Enter Jordan Danielsson of Lost Art.

The Tenzing to Conor’s Hillary, the Kato to his Clouseau, the jalapeño cheddar to his ripple chips, Jordan’s excitement and desire to jump on board Conor’s project helped to re-energize and refocus Conor to make Summit the best game it could be. And Jordan made it look awesome. Like really awesome. Simply put; he brought The Sexy back!

Jordan’s distinctive style, drive and digital know-how coupled with Conor’s love of games, rules and get-togethers were a recipe for disaster. The good kind of disaster. Wait, should I have said excitement… A recipe for excitement?!?

Together they made an exciting and attractive game. So now, Summit hits tables in over 50 countries around the world! This distinctive and eye-catching style has been a cornerstone of our products and something we look for in every artist we use! 

As IUG grew, and desired to grow even more, Conor invited lifelong friend and righthand man, Joe Saliba to join the party.

Joe, with a brain for business, an unending fountain of support, and the ability to Make it Rain, dove in with both feet… I guess that’s more of a jump, but “dove in with both hands” sounds a little dirty. Or like a baker.

Conor and Joe, are thrilled to be able to not only work together, but to focus on something they love – Games.

Who says you can’t chase your dream job?

Stay Tuned

With another game design nearing completion, and more in the works, we look forward to growing and provided you with countless hours of fun, spending time with those that matter!