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The Value of a Luxury Board Game Accessory

The Value of a Luxury Board Game Accessory

Earlier this month, my wife surprised me with a wonderful anniversary gift, Roxley’s Iron Clays. If you haven’t heard of these, they are essentially super nice poker chips with common denominations seen in board game currencies and victory points. Roxley initially designed them to be used with Brass, but they work for virtually any game that has money in it. For most, this might not seem like the appropriate gift for an anniversary, but I imagine if you are reading this blog, you understand the appeal of a truly luxury gaming accessory that can be used with thousands of titles. It was the perfect gift and she was even able to get them without me ever knowing she ordered them!

The Case.

These clays have an iron core and a nice weight to them. Packaged in a beautiful case with the chips housed in two trays for easy access at the table. That said, a package of 200 clays has an MSRP around $80 USD, so the question comes down to whether or not it’s worth it. Afterall, that is the price of about two, maybe three, games. As someone that typically maxes out around $100 a month for new games and game accessories, this question has crossed my mind multiple times. Obviously, in this case, I received these as a gift and didn’t have to make the decision as to whether or not I’d spend my fun money on it, but I have definitely considered whether or not I would have pulled the trigger.

Attention to detail.

After having them and playing with them, I will say they are completely worth the cost if you like having deluxe components. In fact, if you like deluxified components, I would argue that purchasing these will save you money down the line. Why, you ask? I don’t think I will ever shell out extra money for metal coins again. These clays sit out by my table and are used as a currency replacement for any game we play. They might not offer the same thematic experience as using fancy, metal doubloons in a pirate game, but they sure are fun to handle, stack, and fiddle with. They have an elegant, classy feel that is not seen too often in board game components.

The Trays.

The Iron Clays offer so much versatility. They really work well in any game with currency. Just the other night I used them in a heated game of Omen. Omen typically is played with little cardboard coins. It is difficult to describe how much better the choice to acquire more coins felt when it was a nice clay chip compared to grabbing a little cardboard chit. The luxuriousness of the clays just made Omen feel like a stronger game. Hording my stack of money, gently picking up the entire stack and subtly dropping each chip to the table again and again while thinking through my turn was incredibly satisfying.

The Chips.

Do you have any luxury accessories that have added to your gaming experiences? What are they and how have they contributed to the games you played? Do you believe games are better with deluxified components? Please share your thoughts. I’d love to know about what you do to elevate your gaming experiences.

Again, thanks for reading and keep on gaming,

Matt Pioch

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