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That’s A Question Board Game

That’s A Question Board Game

That’s a Question
⮩A Great Way to Get to Know One Another


thats a question board gameSometimes it can be difficult to find games that hit the right notes with others who maybe aren’t quite as into the board gaming hobby. Maybe they like to game but haven’t had the opportunity to play many of the hobby board games out there, or maybe the board games they have been exposed to have left a poor taste in their mouth. Whatever the reason is, groups that do not actively game together can provide difficulty when trying to pick out the right fit.

I have run into this issue multiple times in the work I do in Residence Life with Higher Education. I have plenty of students who know about my passion for games and are interested enough to follow through on a gaming invitation, but I often find myself asking what game I should bring out. I usually start with player count, select a handful of titles, and then provide a brief description, which is followed by a vote. Students’ eyes light up as I pull out different games as I walk through the experience each game is intended to provide. The tension builds as I begin to guess what they all might want to play, always hoping that whatever is chosen will work for the group at hand.

Today I was honored to be able to offer a gaming experience to some of the student staff I work with. I went through the procedure as usual, procuring each game from the shelf like a thoughtful librarian. There were six of us, and I wanted to find some games that fit all of our interests. I wanted to provide a range of skill, duration, and theme in the collection I brought to the table while still not providing too many options, as this can sometimes lead to an overload of information. I grabbed three games from the shelf: Spyfall, That’s a Question, and Adrenaline (with the sixth player expansion, of course). After giving everyone a short explanation of each, That’s a Question became the clear front-runner. I mean, who can resist little squirrels climbing into the clouds?thats a question board game

As it had been a while since my last play, I referenced the rulebook to look up some of the smaller, finer details (how many cards does each player start with, how does one determine the first player, etc.). While I had remembered how quirky the rulebook was (seriously, it’s riddled with jokes, puns, and the like), I had completely forgotten what a great rulebook it truly is.

Sometimes having jokes and silliness within the rulebook can create distractions, making it more difficult to understand the rules. Fortunately, all of the essential information is placed in yellow boxes riddled throughout the pages. This made it especially easy to find all of the small details I was rapidly seeking. This small touch made it so much easier for us to get the game to the table quickly.

thats a question board gameAs soon as all of the minor details were sorted out and the game was set up, we began what can only be described as a truly fun experience. In That’s a Question, players are setting up either/or scenarios by placing hexagonally shaped cards into slots on a small, triangular board that sits on the table. They will choose another player to answer their question truthfully, while everyone else is trying to guess how that individual might answer the question they have been asked. An example would be: “What would you miss more if it ceased to exist: A) shampoo, or B) doors. Players who correctly guess how the asked player responds are rewarded with progress shown on another board, represented by squirrel meeples scaling a tall mountain. Anyone who incorrectly guesses how the asked player responds does not progress. The player asking the question progresses forward for every person who guessed incorrectly. And that is pretty much it.

While I realize it doesn’t sound like much, this game tends to go over well every time I play it with a group of people who don’t have tons of experience with board games—and it does so while providing an experience that is distinctly different from other party games out there. It really fits a special niche. Additionally, That’s a Question has worked well in facilitating conversations and fostering an opportunity for fun after the ice has been broken. That alone makes it a unique party experience I would recommend to those looking to promote personal engagement beyond the game’s end. For this reason, I am bringing this game out more often as students begin to arrive back on campus.

Thanks for reading and keep on gaming,

Matt Pioch

Hobby Board Game Enthusiast

Matt has been participating in the hobby board game community since 2012. He has been an avid consumer of board game media content (podcasts, blogs, vlogs, etc.) for the last 7 years and has finally come on to the scene to produce some original content through Inside Up Games in the form of a blog. Interact with Matt on BGG, Instagram or Twitter.

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