I’ve been using BGG for years, although mostly just to look at reviews and rankings. I wish I could say that was scratching the surface, but it would be barely even touching the air next to the surface!

There is so much going on, so many resources and amazing brains to pick it is awesome.

I’ve had questions while designing Summit, questions about Kickstarter and just questions about how to get more out of the site and I’m always astounded by people’s generosity with their time, knowledge and experiences.

As my close friends and family know, I’m extremely social, but not big on social media. Boardgamers are helping to change that, as I’m finding more people to talk to and getting more excited about this new endeavour.

So thanks everyone for being great. Except that one kid when I was six who took my watch. That was mean.

If you haven’t checked out boardgamegeek.com yet, you should. And if you’re only looking at the Top 100, then I suggest you jump in and explore everything you can 🙂

What else do people love about BGG?